Less Pain & Bruising With Facial Filler Injections

How Can I Get Facial Filler Injections With Less Pain & Bruising?

Microcannulas, used with a local anesthetic and lidocaine can make the injection of dermal fillers less painful by diminishing or eliminating bruising and swelling.

Temporary Dermal Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma) and the Permanent Dermal Filler (Bellafill)

Instead of using generic needles to inject dermal fillers (such as Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, and Bellafill), using Microcannulas can increase the chance of accurate placement at injection sites. By lowering the force of injection, the risk of severe adverse effects, such as injecting the fillers into a vessel, are minimized or even eliminated.

Restylane Lyft and Bellafill for Facial Volume Replacement

Restylane Lyft and BellafillDr. Troell has completed a study analyzing the use of these Microcannulas for injecting two different facial fillers. He wanted to learn if using these Microcannulas would decrease short-term adverse effects while at the same time improving the accuracy of filler placement. Dr. Troell presented his study at the Aesthetic Show in 2016. He is also submitting the study to the Dermatologic Surgery Medical Journal.

In the United States, Dr. Troell is in the top one percent of injectors for Restylane and Bellafill. He also teaches many physicians and nurses how to administer injectable facial fillers (such as BOTOX, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, and Bellafill). He completes this instruction twice yearly at the Aesthetic Show. Please call us at

for more information or for any questions you may have.

Facial Filler Injections: Summary

An injector that is experienced can minimize and virtually eliminate the risk of adverse effects during and after the injection of facial fillers by using a Microcannula and adding a local anesthetic with epinephrine or a diluent. By using this method, pain-causing swelling and bruising is minimized and there is a large increase in the accuracy of filler placement at injection sites.

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