Permanent Facial Volume Replacement Options in Corona Del Mar

The Availability Of Permanent Facial Filler Options At Masterpiece Aesthetics

Permanent Facial Volume Replacement newport beachThe importance of facial volume replacement is paramount for maintaining your youthful appearance. There are both permanent and temporary facial volume replacement options available.

Permanent Facial Volume Replacement Options

  • Bellafill-A dermal filler that provides permanent results
  • Facial fat transfers where your own fat is used
  • Silastic implants that are soft and malleable (Most commonly used for the lip, chin, and cheek)

Background Information On Facial Youthfulness

Facial beauty is something each of us appreciates. It is also something that can be taken for granted. As we age, our youthful complexion begins to disappear. This is due to the gradual structural decay of our skin's foundation and framework. Battling and reversing this process is a long journey. Thankfully, there are many procedures and technologies available to correct volume deficiencies and facial wrinkles.

Facial Rejuvenation-The Goals of Treatment

Runway models and other fashion professionals are perceived as being beautiful for many reasons. The anatomical structure of their faces is one of the most important. Below are some of those important facial elements.

  • General proportion of facial features as well as balance and symmetry
  • Forehead height that is appropriate to facial structure with complimenting brow shape
  • Eyelids that are free of dermatochalasia (Excess herniated fat & skin)
  • Cheek bones that are high and defined
  • Nasal size and shape that is complimentary to facial structure
  • Full lips that are well defined
  • Straight teeth that are free of staining
  • A defined mandibular line that is straight
  • A cervicomental angle that is acute
  • Skin that is smooth and free of wrinkles and blemishes

The goal of facial rejuvenation treatment is to maximize as many of the above aspects as possible. As such, facial volume replacement therapy plays a crucial role in many treatment programs. The decision as to which volume therapy gets used is determined by your doctor's given experience and professional training.

A Detailed Breakdown of Available Treatment Options

There are several options available for permanently restoring facial volume. Below will detail more information about each of these options.

Silastic Facial Implants

Soft silastic implants are a great choice because they deliver precision results, they're permanent, modifiable, and are tolerated well by patients. The simple surgical procedure is done under oral sedation with local anesthesia. Results are instant and the surgery has a low complication rate.

These implants provide the best facial lifting of all facial filler options. Many patients who were considering a facelift to address problem areas like their jowls are able to experience excellent results with one well-placed implant.

Facial Autologous Fat Grafting

This treatment option involves removing existing fat from your thigh or abdomen area. The fat is then processed to purify and concentrate it to prepare for injection into the target site. The procedure is short and done on an outpatient basis. It provides a great way to address problem areas of the skin to restore a youthful complexion.

Bone and Other Biologic Tissue Transfers

These treatment options are generally used to create more pronounced chin protrusions in patients. It is most commonly performed along the anterior lower jaw or mandible. Generally, the same results can be achieved using a soft silastic implant. These implants are generally better tolerated and have a shorter recovery period. I have a large amount of training and experience with maxillofacial surgery to provide the expertise necessary to handle your unique needs.

Permanent Facial Filler Using Bellafill

dermal filler newport beachTemporary dermal fillers are normally comprised of one of three substances. The first is hyaluronic acid. Popular fillers that use this ingredient include Juvaderm, Restylane, and Voluma. The other chemical compound used is calcium hydroxylapatite. Radiesse is an example of a filler made with this compound. The last one used is polylactic acid, which is known by its name brand Sculptra. Unfortunately, these temporary fillers only have a lifespan of approximately two years before results fade.

Bellafill is different than that above fillers. It is made using a bovine collagen gel with suspended microspheres containing polymethylmethacrylate. This provides lasting results, unlike other temporary fillers. The amount of volume deficiency present will determine the best treatment option available to you.

The Expertise of Dr. Robert Troell

Dr Troell at Masterpiece AestheticsDr. Robert Troell has been one of only three physicians to be an instructor in Implantech's workshops. Implantech is the leading producer of facial implant technology in the world. He is also recognized as the top 1% in the United States for the usage of Restylane and Bellafill dermal fillers. He has also been the medical direction for 19 live surgical CME instructional courses.

Dr. Troell is regarded as an expert amongst his peers. He works with each patient to create a treatment plan that is unique to their unique needs and provides outstanding support along the entire treatment plan. Please feel free to call us at Beauty By Design in Irvine, CA (949) 220-0532.

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