What Is High-Definition Liposuction?

High-Definition Liposculpture is a surgical process where the body is contoured to keep the shape and musculature of men and women

Men and women who are desiring an athletic lean shape can achieve this with the use of high-definition liposuction.

The basic principles of high-definition liposculpture include removing visceral fat, removing subcutaneous fat, and finally etching some of the visceral fat to form a more muscular or "feminine" appearance that's defined.

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Before beginning each procedure, VASER, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, separates fat from any tissue surrounding it, so as not to cause any injury to these fat cells. Inside fat cells are nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Normally, the removal of this fat by use of standard liposuction results in pain or numbness for months. With this new high-definition liposculpting, there is generally 30% less bleeding and bruising compared to standard lipo procedures. There is also an increased amount of skin tightening, by about 50%, compared to standard liposuction's 38%. VASER does this by causing bubbles in infiltration fluid to expand and then collapse, which dislodges fat cells from their adjoining tissue. Acoustic streaming, which uses sound waves to displace ions and other small molecules, helps to further separate the fatty tissue.

The procedure for high-definition liposculpting is as follows:

High-Definition Lipo Corona Del Mar

The patient receives a solution that contains lidocaine to help with relief of pain after the procedure, followed by epinephrine to help stop bleeding, and finally a saline solution or Lactated Ringers, which helps the fat cells separate.

Then VASER ultrasound energy is delivered to the superficial and deep layers of fat to prepare for sculpting and removal. This is followed by the actual removal of the visceral fat that is attached to the muscles' borders and along other muscle attachments.

Deeper fat is completely removed, followed by more superficial fat. Afterwards, said fat is then transferred, along with stem cells, to other muscles such as the checks and buttocks for sculpting. This is followed by transferring fat also underneath the skin for shaping, like the breast area for women or in the buttocks for both men and women, including the face.

The entire procedure is completed by "etching" the visceral fat at the muscle insertions and attachments. This will result in the high-definition liposculpting appearance. After that, VASER technology healing helps aid the skin in its tightening process.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction Corona Del Mar

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