Facial Cosmetic Surgery by Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cheek Implants

Are you looking for a way to enhance your facial appearance and improve your looks? Cosmetic Cheek Enhancement can improve your appearance by re-establishing the proper and harmonious balance between the chin and the rest of your face. Implantech company is the largest manufacturer for soft silastic facial implants.
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Chin Implants

Are you looking for a way to enhance your facial appearance or reshape your chin to improve your looks? A small or retrognathic chin significantly impacts on the facial harmony. The balance from the forehead, midface, nose and chin are crucial to optimal aesthetics. Dr Troell is considered an expert by his peers. He gave the presentation on Chin Implant Surgery at Implantech's course teaching surgeons the techniques of body and face implant surgery during the biannual surgical cadaver course in Las Vegas.
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Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Patient's may become self-conscious about the size or shape of your ears? This feeling usually occurs from elementary school years. Ear reshaping or cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) can make a significant improvement in one's appearance and immediately change one's perception of themselves and self-esteem.
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Facelift & Mid-Face Lift

Dr Troell has performed more than 1,200 surgical facelifts in his career. He has performed all types of facelifts: mini facelift, extended mini facelift, standard facelift, deep plane facelift and mid facelifts.
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Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

Dr Troell has published a review of the available options of forehead lift procedures while at Stanford University Medical Center. Recently he has completed a manuscript on Periorbtial Rejuvenation using the brow lift in patients who have undergone upper and/or lower cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).
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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Are you looking for an effective way to quickly reduce or remove wrinkles and discolored pigmentation of the skin? Laser Skin Therapy or Laser Skin Resurfacing offers fast and affordable results under topical anesthesia only and improves your skin’s appearance by reducing and even eliminating wrinkles, lines and acne scarring.
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Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip reduction may enhance one’s facial appearance by creating more facial harmony. The association of the upper and lower dentition, especially the upper incisor teeth, with the upper and lower lips produces a significant impact on our perception of facial beauty.
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Neck Lift Rejuvenation – Cervicoplasty – Platysmaplasty

Are you tired of having extra sagging skin on your neck or vertical banding of the neck muscles and looking for a cosmetic solution? A facelift is usually combined with a neck lift procedure to optimize rejuvenation of the face and neck harmonious appearance. The “neck lift” also know as a cervicoplasty or platysmaplasty, can remove the sagging skin under your chin and eliminate “Turkey Neck”
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Perlane-L is now Restylane® Lyft – Get UpLyfted!

A dermal filler recently FDA approved for volume lifting in the mid face area. As we age and our faces lose volume, some of us begin to look for ways to regain more definition in our cheeks without surgery. Restylane Lyft, formerly known as Perlane-L®, is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used to correct volume loss and treat wrinkles in the face.
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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty is now available by a Stanford University Medical Center trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon, Robert J Troell, MD, FACS with significant experience with probably the most difficult cosmetic surgery today!
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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Dr. Troell has invented two procedures for nasal surgery. These have bee published in peer reviewed journals and rhinoplasty textbooks. The nose and the eyes have the most influence on facial beauty. Cosmetic eye surgery can transform a patient to a more rejuvenated look. A rhinoplasty not only makes someone look younger, but it can transform one's facial appearance dramatically.
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