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Are you looking for a way to enhance your facial appearance and improve your looks? Cosmetic Cheek Enhancement can improve your appearance by re-establishing the proper and harmonious balance between the chin and the rest of your face.

Implantech company is the largest manufacturer for soft silastic facial implants. Dr Troell completed a video for them reviewing the indications, facial analysis method and cornet process for facial implants.

Customized individual facial implants can be fabricated to your unique facial shape or to correct a traumatic or inherited facial asymmetry.

Benefits of Cheek Implant Enhancement:

  • Improve facial harmony by re-establishing the proper anatomical relationships of your mid face and cheeks with the remainder of your face.
  • Cheek augmentation enhances your mid face and this volume addition improves the  facial proportions of the major facial prominences: forehead, nose, chin and cheek malar eminence.
  • Experience increased self-esteem and self-confidence with a new appearance that gets you noticed.

Cheek Implants Irvine

How Cheek Implant Enhancement options Work:

Dr. Troell offers a number of cutting edge cheek enhancement options to achieve your desired appearance, which include minimally invasive, temporary and permanent options:

    1. The "liquid facelift" uses skin or dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of one's cheek and mid face area. The dermal filler may be a temporary filler, which are hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane, Juvaderm and my recommendation, Resthlane Lyft. There is a permanent dermal filler, Bellafill, which can permanently enhance your cheeks.
    2. Autologous fat transfer (using your own fat taken from you body and placed in the facial volume deficient area using a blunt tip cannula.Dr Troell completed a study comparing standard liposuction fat harvesting to the Body-Jet (Water-Jet) and VASER or ultrasound harvesting methods
    3. Soft silastic cheek implants. The mid face implants can be one of three shapes or types:
      A. Cheek implant (enhances the highest part of the cheek bone) commonly requested in younger patients with genetically flat mid face look

      B. Submalar implant (space below one's check bone) commonly requested in older patients who lost volume in the buccal area from aging process

      C. Combined mid face implant. Enhances both the cheek bone and the area below the cheek (submalar area)


  1. Bone on-lay grafts. The donor bone site is usually the outer table of the parietal skull bone. The bone can be taken in large quantities, safely
  2. Zygomatic bone buttress osteotomy and bone filler. We cut the cheek bone, where it inserts onto the face (maxilla), and place a bone spacer or other spacing material against the face in between the bone cut to push out the cheek bone without using synthetic material.

What type of Anesthesia is used for Cheek Implant Surgery?

Nearly all patient's can be treated with oral sedation and analgesics: sensory nerve blocks and local anesthesia. Alternatively, the procedure can be performed under general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about 3o to 90 minutes with minimal intra-operative and post-operative discomfort with rapid recovery.

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