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Lip Augmentation Implants

Lip augmentation is the process of adding volume to the upper and lower lips using either dermal fillers, silastic lip implants or natural tissue grafting, such as using fat. The procedure seeks to give you fuller lips by increasing volume. Subsequently, this enhances your overall facial appearance, giving you a sexy, sultry look.

Many people only dream of having fuller lips. They think it’s impossible to achieve this through cosmetic procedures. However, according to Dr. Robert Troell, you can enhance the appearance of your lips using a multitude of options, including lip augmentation implants. Moreover, this procedure can have either temporary or permanent results, depending on your desires.

Temporary Lip Enhancement

In some instances, you may need to change the look of your lips temporarily to conform to a particular situation. Maybe you’re an actor playing a role that requires plumper lips. Temporary lip augmentation would be suitable if you’re comfortable with what you already have. It involves the use of dermal fillers which remain to provide lip volume for 2 to 12 months, with the mean being 5 months.

Enhancement options include the use of hyaluronic acid fillers (HLA) such as Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm.

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The Benefits of HLA Dermal Fillers

  • HLA dermal fillers are easy to inject with a low risk profile.
  • The procedure only requires local anesthesia or no anesthesia at all.
  • The treatment can correct many lip asymmetries.
  • It is less painful than surgery and has rapid recovery times.
  • HLA dermal fillers are soft and have a natural feel.

Disadvantages of HLA Dermal Fillers

  • They are temporary and require repeat injections periodically.
  • Repeat injections might be uncomfortable to some patients.
  • Moderate short term swelling may occur, since the HLA fillers absorb water.

Permanent Lip Augmentation

Permanent lip augmentation usually involves the placement of PermaLip soft silastic lip implants. A viable alternative would be the use of a patient's tissues to facilitate lip fat transfer. Permanent options that require a patient's tissues include the following:

  • Fat Grafting: Uses VASER liposuction techniques to harvest fat from other parts of the body.
  • Pericranium: Harvests soft tissues from the scalp.
  • Scar tissue: Can be used from a current incision such as one from breast augmentation.

Permanent procedures that alter lip position or achieve a pinker mucosa include the following:

  • V-Y Plasty: Involves pushing the pink mucosa outwards, giving you a fuller lip with a pinker mucosa showing.
  • Lip Lift: Repairs a droopy upper lip by decreasing the distance between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip.

PermaLip Augmentation

PermaLip augmentation is an FDA-approved procedure that involves injecting soft silastic lip implants into the lips. Dr. Troell has vast experience in performing this procedure with over 140 implants placed. Just recently, he released a report highlighting his experience with PermaLip.

In his research, he found out that permanent lip enhancement is highly achievable with excellent results and minimal risks. Out of 56 successful patients, only one patient wanted the implants removed. PermaLip Augmentation has a high success rate with patients displaying an enhanced, sexy lip appearance.

Permanent Lip Enhancement with Fat Grafting

Using a patient's tissues for lip augmentation is highly effective, with close to 80% of the grafted fat tissues remaining permanently. This procedure is not only natural, but also requires a maximum of three sessions to achieve desirable results. Moreover, performing fat grafting has great benefits for the body, allowing the donor site to have improved body contouring. Unfortunately, the amount of fat that can fill the lips is only about ½ teaspoon, so patients usually need more than one procedure to be satisfied.

Pericranium Lip Augmentation

Pericranium (tissue below the scalp skin) involves harvesting tissues from the scalp and transferring them to the lips. Anesthesia uses both oral sedation, nerve blocks and local anesthesia. The incision is hidden in the scalp. It is a splendid alternative for those who do not want lip implants. However, the process of absorption can take up to six weeks to realize the final lip fullness.

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Having fuller lips is what most people yearn for. Lip augmentation implants not only give you fuller lips, but they also enhance your overall facial appearance.

Dr Troell is an expert in permanent lip augmentation. He has written a manuscript on the PermaLip silastic implant procedure. He has taught over 20 live surgical workshops on advanced liposuction an facial and lip face transfer. He is a diplomate of six medical and surgical medical boards, exemplifying his expertise in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Troell is also a diplomate of the American College of Surgeons.

Do not entrust surgical procedures to just anybody. Choose the best and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Robert Troell today.


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