Lip Reduction Surgery

Dr. Robert Troell, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Beauty By Design
Irvine, California

Although less common than lip augmentation, Lip Reduction surgery can transform one's smile!

Lip reduction may enhance one’s facial appearance by creating more facial harmony. The association of the upper and lower dentition, especially the upper incisor teeth, with the upper and lower lips produces a significant impact on our perception of facial beauty.

Lip Reduction surgery is indicated for large lips caused by:

  • genetically large lips, often seen in some afro-americans, asians and hispanics
  • Enlarged lips caused by silicon gel inducing a chronic inflammatory reaction

Silicon gel inducing a chronic inflammatory reaction of the lips continues intermittently and perpetually. The method to reduce the size of the upper and lower lips caused by silicon gel includes:

  1. removal of all the chronic inflammatory and scar tissue
  2. removal of the silicon gel itself

The excision of the entire amount of abnormal tissue of the lips is paramount, while preserving the underlying muscle, nerves, blood vessels and superficial skin (mucosa). Reconstruction of the lips to the optimal size is recommended either simultaneously or as a staged procedure.

The Lip Reduction Surgery Technique:

  • oral sedation, sensory nerve blocks and local anesthesia for minimizing discomfort and bruising
  • Excision using an incision inside the mouth in an elliptical fashion
  • undermining below the abnormal tissue aids in complete excision without injuring normal tissues
  • incision is closed with absorbable sutures
  • soft, natural feel outcome
  • Simultaneous or staged lip augmentation, if needed after silicon gel abnormal tissue complete excision

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