Neck Lift Rejuvenation – Cervicoplasty – Platysmaplasty

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Are you tired of having extra sagging skin on your neck or vertical banding of the neck muscles and looking for a cosmetic solution?

A facelift is usually combined with a neck lift procedure to optimize rejuvenation of the face and neck harmonious appearance. The “neck lift” also know as a cervicoplasty or platysmaplasty, can remove the sagging skin under your chin and eliminate “Turkey Neck.” A neck lift can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence. It is usually performed along with a facelift, however, isolated neck lifts may be performed in selected clients. When performed alone, one or two days of postoperative discomfort and a rapid recovery is the usual outcome. When performed with a facelift the recovery takes between 5- 14 days before its difficult for others to notice the sings of surgery.

Benefits of Neck Lifts with or Combined with a Facelift procedure:

  • Eliminates the sagging skin and vertical muscle banding under your chin known as "Turkey Neck."
  • Improves your appearance by making you look both younger and slimmer.
  • Can improve coarse wrinkles and creases of the anterior neck skin
  • Boosts your self-confidence.

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How a Necklift Works:

  • Oral and intravenous sedation or general anesthesia (rarely needed)
  • Marking the incision under the chin and extend of skin undermining with a marking pen
  • Full cardiac monitoring and supplemental intravenous sedation and pain medications as needed
  • Local anesthesia administration (about one minute)
  • Incision, skin undermining followed by muscle plication in the midline and skin closure (30 minutes)
  • Pressure dressing placement and patient walks to their car for a loved one to drive them home

Neck Changes with Aging:

Different areas of the face and neck are affected differently from the aging process. We classically see the following changes with aging of the neck:

  • Fine and coarse skin wrinkling and pigmentation changes from sun damage
  • Neck skin inelasticity and poor skin tone.
  • Vertical neck muscle division an exaggerated drooping with an obtuse cervicomental angle (no more acute youthful neck angle)
  • Excess skin and thinning of neck skin

Loose, sagging skin under the chin requires tightening of the skin with a laser. If the skin is too excessive, it may need to be removed with excisional surgery. If you have visible vertical bands in your neck, the neck muscles will need to be tightened in the midline. Fat deposits in the neck can be removed with liposuction or direct excision.

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