Telomere Testing

Telomere Testing

Are you looking for a telomere testing center in Newport Beach, California? Don’t let the effects of aging catch up with you. Put a halt to aging by adopting this new but highly effective biological procedure.

What Are Telomeres?

Describing telomeres is a herculean task, considering the jargon applied when discussing biological structures. In simple terms, telomeres are unique DNA structures found at the end of your chromosomes. In humans, telomeres organize each chromosome in the nucleus of the cells. They also allow chromosome replication during cell division and prevent chromosomes from sticking to each other.

Telomeres and Aging

Telomeres play an important role when it comes to preventing the effects of aging. Whenever a cell divides, up to 200 bases are lost from the ends of each chromosome. This is referred to as “telomere shortening.” Oxidative stress and the “end replication problem” contribute immensely to telomere shortening.

When telomeres become too short, chromosomes cannot be replicated, which leads to their death. Research is ongoing on the effect of shortened telomeres, but scientists suggest telomere shortening is a sign of aging. The length of telomeres is a good indicator of a person’s lifespan. A person with a longer telomere structure is likely to live longer, without displaying signs of aging.

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds to the telomere sequence in chromosomes. It occurs in high levels in germline cells and stem cells. Notably, germline cells and stem cells do not display signs of aging since the length of telomeres is maintained in these cells even after DNA replication. This information is critical in finding a lasting solution to preventing the effects of aging. Doctors use these research findings to delay the signs of early aging in patients.

The use of telomeres is pivotal in medicine, too. Information on telomeres is essential in combating other medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes. Stopping telomerase activities could delay the replication of cancer cells. However, doctors have yet to find a breakthrough on this front, as inhibiting the activity of telomerase enzymes can also have adverse effects on normal bodily functions such as sperm production. It could also disrupt wound healing, fertility and the ability to fight infections.

Importance of Telomere Testing

Telomere testing seeks to establish the length of telomeres, which suggests the life of each of your bodies 40 trillion cells. The Beauty By Design Irvine center has the capability to carry out telomere testing and, subsequently, implement measures to deal with the effects of early aging because of telomere shortening.

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The internet is awash with various anti-aging products promising a younger, more refreshing look and a longer life. Nevertheless, the speed at which these products are being released into the market makes one doubt their effectiveness. Moreover, the authenticity of some of these products is in question.

Because of all the developments, Beauty By Design Irvine embraces the use of telomere therapy as an anti-aging procedure. Indeed, you can delay the effects of early aging using telomere activation and enjoy a more fulfilling life. For more information, schedule a free consultation with our resident doctor today.

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